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The present document was formulated using the following documents: RSFSR law "On protection oft he environment", 1992. Construction standards and regulations 1.01.28-85 "Ranges for Deactivation and disposal of toxic industrial waste". Sanitary regulations № 3183-84, 1984. GOST 25834-83 "Electrical lamps, marking, package, transportation and storage"; GOST 21575-76" Corrugated fiberboard boxes for fluorescent lamps".

1. The Document extends on all enterprises, organizations, establishments of the Chuvash Republic regardless of the property form and department participation.

2. The Document was formulated to improve the process of control of used mercury containing fluorescent lamps delivery and prevention of environment pollution..

3. The Document was formulated in connection with creation of used mercury containing fluorescent lamps collection facilities and establishes production relations among supply agencies, mercury lamps consumers and collection facilities.

4. Each enterprise, organization and establishment is obligated to appoint a person responsible for collection, storage and transportation of used lamps to R&D Mercury, LLC or to collection facilities situated in countryside. The Person should follow this Document.

5. Considering the high environmental hazard of the lamps, all the enterprises, organizations, establishments which use mercury containing lamps must keep records of arrivals of new lamps.

6. The lamps may be released from the storage facilities of enterprises, organizations, establishments after the processed lamps are delivery of used lamps according to the "Register of used mercury containing fluorescent lamps".

7. The terms and conditions of payment operations among enterprises, organizations and establishments, collecting facilities, R&D Mercury, LLC and collection facilities located in the countryside are performed in compliance with the agreements of delivery and acceptance of used lamps containing work volume, time constraints, clearing accounts conditions and lamps acceptance schedules.

8. Each lot of used mercury containing fluorescent lamps transported to R&D Mercury, LLC or collection facilities is accompanied by a certificate with a voucher. The certificate must be registered in the "Register of used mercury containing fluorescent lamps" and kept in the relevant documents of collection facilities.

9. The voucher is given to enterprises, organizations, establishments delivering the used lamps. The voucher is the principle document which allows receiving new mercury containing lamps from supply agencies.

10. All used mercury containing lamps delivered to collection facilities are registered in the "Register of used mercury containing fluorescent lamps of collection facilities". The Register is given a number, it is stamped, sealed and kept at the collection facility.

11. Inventory procedures with formulation of remaining raw materials act are implemented at the end of each year. The Act is signed by the director, accountant officer, storekeeper and it is kept together with the "Register of used mercury containing fluorescent lamps of collection facilities". The information from the enterprises, organizations, establishments of Cheboksary concerning the quantity of delivered used mercury containing fluorescent lamps is sent to the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Chuvash Republic quarterly, no later than the 10th day of the first month of the next quarter.

12. Packaging, transportation and storage of used mercury containing fluorescent lamps corresponds with the requirements of GOST 25834-83 "Electrical lamps, marking, packaging, transportation and storage". Packaging requirements include packaging of lamps using soft fillings preventing them from breakage and transportation of lamps in special containers developed by R&D Mercury, LLC.

13. Used mercury containing fluorescent lamps are kept in storage facilities protected from chemically aggressive environments, atmospheric precipitations, surface and ground waters. The storage facilities doors are kept closed. A plate with “no entry, authorized personnel only” inscription is placed on each door.

14. The enterprises, organizations, establishments and persons who damaged the environment as a result of violation of the requirements of the Document are brought to account under disciplinary , financial and legal procedures according to the "Law on Protection of the Natural Environment".

The present Document is temporary, legal within the territory of the Chuvash Republic until amendments and additions are made. It is registered in the Department of Justice of the Chuvash Republic on August 28, 1995. Register. №23.